March 2020, Volume 70, No. 6 - Rose Ward / Bob Kennedy



March 9 – Alan Seabrooke Red Deer’s new city manager was our speaker for this meeting.  Alan gave us an insiders look at what is happening in the City of Red Deer.  He explained the major points for the city to grow and be a place to call home.  He talked about Crime, Downtown revitalization, staffing and the impact of what is going on around us not just in the city, but the province, the country and around the world.  How each of these has an impact on our daily lives and the city as a whole.

March 23 – meeting cancelled

March 16 – 2020 – due to the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic the board voted unanimously:

There will be no further meetings of the Kiwanis Club until further notice.


All meetings cancelled until further notice! We have opted out of Bingos for March and April, the Bingo hall is now closed, they will let us know when they start again.


Coming Events

Festival of Performing Arts:  Cancelled for this year.


Ronald MacDonald Home for Dinner:  Keith Brooker is looking for some persons to step up to form some teams so that we can attend more of these dinners and assist the organization in their efforts to make the lives of the families staying there much easier.  Please contact Keith if you have questions or want to be on one of these teams.


Bingos: Team captains for the teams are Rolf – team 1; Rose –team 2;

Remember to do your part and step up when your team is up for a bingo: 


Reminder:  team members should be at the bingo hall by 10:30 OR 4:30 or shortly thereafter as ticket sales begin promptly at 11 & 5pm and we MUST have sellers. 

If you can’t attend on your scheduled day, please remember it is up to you to find your replacement.  Please don’t leave your team shorthanded.  When we are short the entire club suffers, we lose bingo’s, and this impacts our credibility as a Service Club.

2020 Bingo Dates are:

NOTE we have opted out of the Bingo’s for April

Team 1                                              Team 2        


                                                                        Tue. Eve – May 26

Thur. Eve – Jun. 4                                           Tue. Eve – Jul. 28

Tue. Eve - Aug. 25                                         Thur. Eve – Sept. 24

Tue. Eve – Oct. 27                                          Tue. Eve – Nov. 10    


Girl Guide bingos have also been scheduled see below for your Teams date:

Mar. 21, 2020 – Afternoon – Team 1             Jul 4, 2020 – Afternoon – Team 2                                                                  October 3, 2020 Afternoon – Team 1 & 2


Kiwanis Annual Golf Tournament

– The 57th Annual Golf Tournament will be held Wednesday August 12, 2020. The team has already begun getting the lists ready for them to start looking for donations.



Christmas Carol Festival – This event will be held on Sunday December 13, 2020. Brent Labrosse will be the event coordinator and we know it will be as spectacular as past years.


Other Information and updates:

Twilight Homes Foundation:  The Twilight Homes Foundation has had another successful year. Their Annual General meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2020.  Please try to be there because we all are members of this wonderful Foundation – NOTE this will be an emailed meeting, with members being asked to vote via email. Details to be worked out.


Red Deer Safety City – The Club continues to sponsor the organization. and are sponsoring a Kiosk at Safety City and we have a new office in the main building for archiving and storage of Kiwanis and THF info.


Meeting Schedule and program – Larry, Monica and Bob Kennedy are working on the schedule and I am sure they would like some ideas from Club members for speakers and other program ideas.  Larry has also sent out the schedule for Bartenders – please let him know if you can assist.


Membership Dues – for those that did not pay Don before Dec. 31 your cost is now $150. Your dues have been paid back in October when we received the invoice from KI.


Facebook: We now have a facebook page. Thank you to Brent Labrose for building this for us. Please take some time to check it out.


Board updates:

Division 7 meetings – Cancelled for May, Red Deer will be hosting one in the fall, details to be circulated.


The board has agreed we should set specific timelines for acceptance of requests for funding.  We will now be accepting and reviewing twice per year.  March 31 and September 30. This should make it easier for budgeting purposes.

Next Board meeting April 20, 2020 Cancelled will be an emailed or phone discussion should any items require a discussion.