July 2022 Volume 72, No. 10 - Rose Ward / Bob Kennedy




There were no Club meetings in July.


Other items of interest:

1.      Golf Tournament: Gerry announced this event is moving along nicely, there are many interested sponsors and he has been able to add some new names to the list for sponsors. The members of the Golf Committee are asking for volunteers during the day of the event, and they are also looking for Golfers contact those that you know to let them know about the event. Cost is $150 per person, $600 for a team of 4, but if you cannot make a full team, he mentioned there will be others and groups can combine to make a team. Early bird cutoff has expired but teams can still register until August 5.

2.      Ronald McDonald Meals:

Milt is taking the lead on this, there have been a few responses but he is still looking for others. The team will prepare the meal on a date in September.

3.      Wine Survivor Update: The next Wine Survivor will kick off August 29, with an early bird draw for all teams submitted by September 16 and the draw will October 6. Same requirements as the previous one will apply, there should be teams of 5 with a $20 entrance fee and $20 wine fee.

4.      Grande Parade: The Golden Circle and Bridges Community Living are partnering in an event on September 17th. The event includes breakfast, lunch and a 2.5 km walk. They are asking for teams of 7 persons, each contributing $150 to the event. The organizers are looking for walkers and volunteers to assist with the continental breakfast and lunch. There will be more information to follow but in the meantime, we could start forming teams to do the walk. Brent suggested we could put in two teams of 7, what a way to show our community support and help with funding for two very special organizations in our city, both of which the Kiwanis and Twilight Homes Foundation support.

5.      Alzheimer Association they have reached out and would like to come to a meeting in the fall to thank the Twilight Homes foundation and Kiwanis for all they have done for the Society, we have tentatively booked them for our October meeting and feel this would be the perfect time to bring our spouses / significant others to the meeting. Stay tuned for further announcements about this interesting meeting.




August 8 meeting has been cancelled

September 26 New board induction will be held at this time.



Coming Events

Festival of Performing Arts: This event was a great success again this year. Thank you to all the members that assisted with the Festival. Your volunteer time was greatly appreciated.


Bingos: Team captain for the teams is Rose

Note: at this time, we can work bingos but due to the circumstances around COVID we have limited numbers willing to work. As of right now we only require 8 persons to attend, we are NOT doing this by teams, but we appreciate all those who have stepped up to ensure we have a full slate of volunteers for each scheduled event.

2021 / 2022 Bingo Dates are:

August 30 Wed Eve September 29 Thur Eve

October 21 Fri Eve November 23 Wed Eve

For evening bingos everyone needs to be there by 4:30, Rose will be reaching out to members to assist with these. Please consider responding and helping.


Fundraising ideas: The club is always looking for ways that we could raise some funds. If you have any ideas that could be shared, please reach out to President Milt or Vice President Paul.


Kiwanis Annual Golf Tournament The 57th Annual Golf Tournament is scheduled to be held Wednesday August 17, 2022. The committee has been meeting and working to get sponsors and volunteers to assist on that day.


Christmas Carol Festival- The Festival is being planned for December 11, 2022. Brent will be reaching out to various groups / persons to attend, and I am sure would appreciate some assistance. Brent has confirmed the Mayor will be in attendance.


Other Information and updates:

Twilight Homes Foundation:. Directors for Twilight Homes foundation are: Paul Gowans, Chairperson; Rose Ward, Treasurer; Larry Pimm, Secretary; Don Rathgeber, Rolf Thudium, Teri Ryan, Rick Assinger, Pat Blair, Alec Robertson Directors; Marvin Bruce Honorary member.


Red Deer Safety City Safety City has continued to be a symbol of what Kiwanis has done for the City of Red Deer and are looking for new Board members. After two years of restricted attendance for events, this year has seen an increase of groups attending. The new Director has been very busy using all social media at his disposal to advertise the benefits of attending one of their scheduled programs. There is much anticipation for the summer months and what that could bring in for them.


Red Deer Library - We made a considerable contribution to the Library expansion in the mid 90s, and have a sign at the door of the Gallery for which we contributed. The Library is now in the process of expanding and combining rooms for the Red Deer Arts Council. As many of us have joined the club since this donation, we are wondering if there are any members that remember the donation and the possible contract between the Kiwanis Club and the RD Library. If anyone recalls this monumental donation, can you please reach out to my self or Co Presidents Paul Gowans or Milt Williams with the details. Your knowledge of this event would be greatly appreciated.


Meeting Schedule and program At this time we will host only one meeting per month and see how things progress for the next few months. To be discussed in the fall.


Membership Committee - Jesse and Paul are on this committee, they have some suggestions, and the board will be asking members to assist with some of the suggestions previously published in the October and November Kiwanigram.


For those on committees can you please send in a report as to what has been happening. It would be nice to have these sent to me monthly for the Kiwanigram.


1.      Next board meeting September 19, 2022.

Current Board members are President: Milt Williams, Past President: Monica Morrison, Vice President: Paul Gowans, Treasurer: Don Rathgeber, Secretary: Rose Ward. Board Members: Keith Brooker, Bob Kennedy, Brent Labrosse, Larry Pimm, Teri Ryan, Gerry Stelmaschuk.



Facebook: We now have a Facebook page. Please take some time to check it out share it with some friends.